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Ultimate Charcoal Barbecue & Grill

All You Need To Cook Perfect Meals For Your Family & Your Guests

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Since 2001, We Are Producing The Best Charcoal Barbecue & Grill Sets.

The Most Complete Set of Barbecue In The World.

The new cooking system in Karp 7500’s charcoal grills utilizes a patented tray that make it easy to control cooking temperature, by creating more efficient burning and less wasted heat. This system empowers you to deliver your desired cooking results without compromising on your grilling experience.

Most Complete Set Ever Built!

With over 37 additional tools & accessories included, Karp 7500 Full VIP Set is all you need forever. The most complete BBQ set in the world.

4 Large Air Dampers
Innovative charcoal pan directs airflow over the coals to give you increased control and cooking efficiency.
75 cm (29.5″) Cooking Area
With a 75 cm (29.5″) cooking area, it's possible to cook for tens of people at once. Family & friends won't have to wait.

Master The Art Of Charcoal Grilling

Nothing beats the smoky barbecue
flavor that can only be created on a
charcoal grill .

Lid Thermometer
Lid Thermometer
The built-in lid thermometer displays the internal temperature of the grill so that
you know when to adjust the heat.
Precise Heat Control
Precise Heat Control
Control the temperature of your barbecue by easily adjusting the dampers. Closing the dampers completely will cut the oxygen flow to help extinguish coals.
Convenient Charcoal Storage
Convenient Charcoal Storage
The weather-protected charcoal storage container is a convenient way to store charcoal so that it’s by the grill, where and when you need it.